Ground handling services are the services that a customer expects at the airport terminal for a smooth travel experience. The customer experience does matter the most. The airport authorities and the ground duty staff strive to felicitate the passengers with ease and comfort.
Ground handling services at the airport are the prime movers who conduct the day-to-day activities at the business.

We offer the following ground handling services are as follows:



Over the many years of working in the Bahamas aviation industry we have built a strong reputation and developed some very important relationships with many private aircraft operators globally. We provide an array of aviation services to airlines, executive jets, helicopters and private prop planes.
Whether you are a charter aviation company, a corporate Jet or just a flying enthusiast we can help you any airport located in the Bahamas. Our extensive aviation experience will help you execute your flight plan operate smooth and efficiently while traveling in the Bahamas.


We are the pioneers in ramp handling and baggage management. We take immense pleasure in delivering quality ramp handling services. We use specialized planning and allocation systems in offering quality ramp handling services.
Some of our ramp handling services are as follows:

Aircraft Cleaning and Catering

The lavatories with the gallery and the cabin need to get cleaned. The trash containers get emptied, and the trash gets removed from the aircraft. Toilets get restocked. The pillows and blankets get replaced with the newer ones.
The catering oven and trolleys from the inbound flight get removed, and the catering for the outbound flight is boarded. The stock gets replenished.


The accumulation of ice on the aircraft services can affect the lift of wing surfaces and inhibit the free movement of aircraft. Hence, de-icing as a process is used. The prime objective of this de-icing is to remove the ice and snow from the plane with the help of some fluids.

Baggage Management

The baggage and the freight on the aircraft get off-loaded with the baggage belts, split loaders, fork trucks, and the outbound bags and cargo loaded on the plane. It is imperative to handle the goods with care, and the staff should follow loading instructions.

Aircraft Towing & Toiletries

The movement of aircraft from remote parking stands or from one gate to another will be accompanied. Toilet waste holding tanks will be emptied and serviced as required. The crew will refill potable water tanks.


The customer services is a wide array of services. It includes the facilities and amenities to offer services that enhance the ease and comfort of essential services for a better customer experience. The customer services as a part of ground handling services include the following services:

Check-in support

Several airport terminals assist the passengers with the availability of their customer service agents with the check-in process. They help document verification, tag and process the checked baggage, and ensure the cabin baggage follows the norms of weight, size, and content.

Boarding & Baggage Services

Appropriate boarding announcements, final passenger screening, and document verification are usually part of the ground handling services. Assistance with lost, misdirected, or damaged baggage is also a part of ground handling services. The customer service agents are there to assist the customers with such issues.

Ticketing & Special Needs

The airport ground handling support includes the services related to ticketing support and meeting the specific needs of the passengers. The passengers at times bring their tickets with them, but in some cases, they expect the airport’s ground handling services team to do the favor. Hence, the airport’s ground duty staff assist them with the tickets and other things about boarding the aircraft.

Help desk

Sometimes these services include the help desk to assist the passengers in assisting in everything they need. It consists of oversized baggage, particular need management, and other things.
We offer those mentioned above ground handling services to fit your needs related to the ground handling services. For any query, connect with us @ (242) 332-3244.